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Michael Jones, of Jonesy Electric has more than 20 years of experience as a manager of electrical crews for various companies throughout his career. Here is his story: "I had worked in the field for several companies. As the years went on, I had seen the people I was working for do horrible work, employee people that were not educated enough to be doing the job. I had seen it all, job after job of cutting corners because the company was trying to cut costs.

Lifelong Learner in Electrical Work

So, I have heard every complaint from the lights will not quit flickering to breakers that would not stop tripping. I set out to educate myself on what had caused these issues. I would come across the problem, and I would figure out a way to keep this from happening again. Finally, after many years of studying and researching, I had designed a system that these issues would not exist any longer.

Excited, of course, I presented this to the company's owner. To my surprise, he was mad and told me that this was the way they do things. That I had no business telling him how the system should be installed. The way he did things was for speed and to ensure that inexperienced help would not have trouble installing this system.